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    The earth is on my pen, I can do at my wish! The reliable Sheng'ou Translation service on the global........

    The headquarter of Shenzhen Sheng'ou Translation Co., Ltd (Registered No.440301103708447) is on the high-tech park of Nan Shan District, Shen Zhen and near the Shen Zhen University. Established in August of 2002, we devoted into providing the high-end translation services and localization to the customers in global; and we provided the high-end language exchange, science and technology literature, product specification and technical documents translation. Up to this day, Sheng'ou Translation has provided no less than ten billions words translation and thousands interpretation and simultaneous interpretation services.

    For large translation projects, we rely on instrument and strong organization and management ability, and enforce translation review to ensure high efficiency and high quality.
    Computer-assisted Translation
    Technological advantages of Top CAT historical corpus and glossary
    Matching Knowledge
    Assign your files to subject experts in the filed of your files
    Three Procedures
    Our translation system enforces translation, review and proofreading before delivering translations
    Super Speed Translation
    We are a hard-working team and consider client requirements as our missions
    Our experts are professional, including experts in pre-processing, translation, proofreading, after-translation processing, localization engineers, broadcasting and post-production. We do not pursue just finishing tasks, instead, we provide professional products.
    Customer satisfaction(%)
    Historical words(million)
    Certified Translators Worldwide